"El Infiernillo (Little Hell)" Or the Lobby of a Saint?

In a homily long ago by P. Jose Luis Dias (Exiled and Political Prisoner), he mentioned "There are two types of people, some who are saints and others who make saints"

According to the media, "100% Noticias" in the note published in Spanish cites that the Bishop was locked in a maximum security cell called "El Infiernillo (Little Hell in English)"; to which he asks us a question, is this the Lobby of a Saint?

Sources from the Catholic Church indicated that the Bishop of Matagalpa, Monsignor Rolando Álvarez, is being held in gallery 300, known as "El Infiernillo", of the Modelo de Tipitapa prison. "Despacho 505" unofficially contacted sources from the Catholic Church who, under anonymity, revealed that the bishop is in the punishment cell.

"People from the penitentiary have said that he was taken there, but that he is being held in 300, isolated," the church source revealed to the aforementioned media outlet.

In addition, they added that the bishop is in that place, because the Daniel Ortega regime intends to keep him isolated, he does not want him to have contact with any other political prisoner.

On February 9, the day Daniel Ortega exiled 222 political prisoners, he made a public appearance in which he reported that they had transferred Monsignor Álvarez to the Modelo prison, however, in said penitentiary they have not given him any kind of of information to the bishop's family. They have also gone to Chipote and have received no response either.

Description of the "El Infiniernillo" 


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